In a valley just off the snaking A286 at a monthly music night, host and guitarist WillB challenges the musicians to write a song for the next event- the theme? The Road.

Some time later Geoff Allnutt, resident performance poet, presents Will with a lyric, he then asks ‘what’s the next theme?’ Will replies…. The Road. 

A few months later at a PoPuP gig in a micro brewery just of the A272 composer and singer, Kylie Earl down from London on the A3, does her thing.

Later the next day Will and Geoff ask Kylie if she would like to join them and that’s how Radio K W G and the Sound of the South Downs was started.


The Songs will be then taken on the road to anywhere it leads.



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Radio KWG The Road Part One
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Radio KWG The Road Part Two
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Radio RWG The Road Part 3
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